Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm a Runner!

Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to be a runner, not so much a competition runner, but just someone who is able to run.  I've always wanted to run outside or on a treadmill or whatever.  No matter how many times I would try I always would stop well before even running for 10 minutes.  Not because I was tired or did not have the endurance...I can do the elliptical or cycle for a very long time without issue.  No, the problem was always with my left ankle, it would just start hurting.

Well, today I was watching "I used to be Fat"and this kid that weighed 273 was complaining about the same thing.  He went to the doctor who told him everything was fine and that kid started to run.  So even though I was not planning on going to the gym today it motivated me to get up and go and try to run again.

This time instead of trying to go easy, I set it for 30 minutes, started at 8.0 and shortly after moved to 9.0 switching to 10.0 every so often.  I could not believe it, my ankles of course started to hurt but I pushed through it and ran for the whole 30 minutes!  Wow, I could not and still don't believe it, I only wish I would have started pushing myself more on that earlier.

I'm a runner!