Friday, March 8, 2013

Car Fun

As you all know, I'm not a huge fan of having to drive to work everyday.  Well, over the past week it was interesting to say the least.

Last week a couple times I heard the belt whining but then it stopped so I though okay, good it's not a problem.  Well, last Thursday I was driving to work and then the battery light came on.  I totally forgot about the belt and was thinking o man, my alternator is bad.  I continued driving to work since that is where the normal garage is that I go to anyways and a car is still drivable with no alternator.  The whole way there was really no issues so I was like maybe the light will just go out.  Well, then I had to make a sharp turn and noticed that my power steering was gone too :-(  Crap, I guess I have to make an appointment.

I called the garage and they could not take me until Monday.  O well, I thought.  Then I remembered about the belt noises so I went out to check.  It was indeed the belt, shredded to pieces!

On Monday I was hoping that my car would start so I could drive it the 2 blocks or so to the garage.  It almost started but did not make it.  Kris was nice enough to jump it for me.  I got the the exit of the parking lot and it stalled, right in the way of people trying to get in an out and right in the middle of the bike path!  Of course people on bike and in cars were going around me with mean confused looks on their faces.  Finally one lady got out of her car and she steered my car while I pushed it into the bike path.

My appointment was in 15 minutes at the garage so I walked over and told them I was going to be late because I was going to have call a tow truck.  The guy said he would just come and help.  He brought a battery and jumped it again.  The car started but then stopped just as I was going to put it in reverse.  So the guy had a cable and connected his van to my car and pulled me to the garage!  That was interesting.  I had to steer my car while it was off and make sure to brake with the handbrake so I did not run into the guy who was towing me!

The car is fixed now after a few new parts.

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