Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hot Water Heater EXPLOSION!!!

Hot water heater that is built into a closet in my bedroom
Cover taken off after explosion

Last night I was peacefully sleeping at about 2:30 in the morning.  Then all of a sudden I hear BOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!  Then it sounded like heavy rain.  I though wow, it must really be storming.  I was half awake and really wasn't sure what was happening.  Then I thought, I'm not sure if that is rain.  I walked out of my room and looked out the window to the street...it was NOT raining.  I was like WFT?!?!  Then I thought well maybe something is leaking from upstairs but did not seam to be the case.  Then I walked back into my bedroom and stepped into a big warm puddle of water.  Then it hit me...Oh My God, the hot water heater exploded!  None of the electric was working in the entire place because all the water all over the plug tripped the breaker...good thing otherwise I would have been toast stepping into the puddle.

I was frantically running around the house trying to find a shutoff valve.  I could not find one anywhere.  I gave up and called the landlord who luckily lives next door.  No one answered the first 2 times.  They did give a cell phone number but I could not find paper or pens in the dark to write it down.  Finally I called the 3rd time and someone answered.  He made it over and also was not sure where the shutoff was.  After trying a few different places he found it and the rushing water noise finally stopped.  By this time water was all over my bedroom, living room and kitchen.  It was a good thing I just mopped that evening because nothing was on the floor.

We spent the next two hours or so cleaning up water.  It was not a fun thing to do in the middle of the night but it had to be done.  When we were done we had to figure out how to empty the tank itself because there was not drainage valve.  You can't see it too good in the picture but the top is supposed to be flat but it was ballooned out and touching the shelf above it.  Once we got that all sorted out we agreed that he would come back tomorrow to figure everything out.

When I returned home for work I found out that they no longer make the kind a hot water heater that I have and for the one kind that they do it has to be serviced every year (which would not work in the little space that this one is in.)  So it looks like for right now, he is going to connect my plumbing to the hot water from upstairs tomorrow.  At least that way I can have hot water ASAP and then we will see after that.

Wow, what a night!