Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last night I had a samppot-off at my place.  There was a great battle between Som and Joyce and much trash talking that led up to the actual event.  Little did I know that I would not be getting two traditional stamppots but actually two very different ones.  This made the judging difficult.

 First, Joyce made one with sweat potatoes and chorizo and some other things, it was very good and quite an interesting combination of ingredients.  Never would have thought of sweat potato with chorizo but it went together well.

Second, Som made a somewhat more traditional one but it was still different as well.  His used regular potatoes but also in it was cashews and wasabi!  The wasabi was a nice touch for sure.

Judging for Andi, Patricia, and I was difficult, but Joyce ended up winning buy only one vote.  Congrats Joyce.

I figured I would make desert since I was getting two free dinners so I tried chocolate pie for the first time.  It turned out really well!  I still can't figure out how do get meringue not to get a layer of water underneath after cooking, but I was able to get most of it off once it cooled.  When I make this pie next time I will definitely use a more traditional crust made with butter.  This one called for oil and milk...never head of making a crust that way, it was good but could have been better.  Filling was amazing.  Here is what I made:

Was a great night, I need to have people over more often.

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