Monday, November 19, 2012

Missed my train this morning

Today I woke up at 8:01 and I was supposed to catch a train in Amsterdam at 8:16.  You can imagine the shock that I felt...I was instantly awake and totally pissed.  Ends up I set my alarm for 18:30 instead of can you mess that up?  I ended up making it to the train station somewhere around 8:30.  Of course I missed the train.  So, I went to the International ticket desk, they were not able to help at all and said I had to call a number that was on my ticket.  I called the number in Belgium and that woman could not help me either, but she said that since I am a member of "The Card" (kinda line an airline frequent flyer program but for the Thalys train) I could just go to the next train to Paris and ask if there was room, if there was then they would let me on.

So I went to the next train and luckily I made it.  I got to Paris only about an hour late, not to bad but for the whole first 1/2 of the trip I could not relax, even though I was on the train and on my way for some reason my nerves just would not stop.

Now that I am in France everything is going smoothly so far.  Got all the planned work done for today and am ready to start with tomorrows stuff.  I am starting to get along a bit better with the colleague who is with me.  Things are still a bit shaky between us but seem to be getting better at least.

Tonight I was getting ready to set my alarm for tomorrow and actually set it for 20:00 instead of 08:00.  Good thing I caught it on time!

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