Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Rest of Sunny Beach

The rest of my trip was pretty good.  Most days I just hung out at the pool or the beach alternating between swimming and reading.  Got about 1 1/2 novels read while I was there so that was good.  Some highlights of what I did include:

  • Getting a massage on the beach one day.  Not as nice as it sounds.  The girl was not that good and anytime a bug or fly or something would land on you you were not able to wak it away
  • Going to see Nesebar.  I was able to see this place from my hotel room and was only a short bus ride away.  The place itself was nice.  I walked the entire way around the small island and found some nice spots, my favorite is here to the right.  One thing that was disappointing there was that it was just as toristy as Sunny Beach.  Every store sold torist junk and the restaurants all had the big posters with pictures of their food on, not my kind of places.  But at least I did find a place were I was able to get a nice espresso.
Other than that, that was pretty much it.  The whole place was pretty empty (Sunny Beach and Nesebar) the tourist season was pretty much over and there are not very many locals.  Some nights I was the only person in a restaurant and as I was walking past bars the music would be on with no one there.  All through the week more and more places were closing down and boarding up.  This was not much of an issue for me though since the weather was still great and I still had the pool and the beach.  Only thing that was annoying was no one was following their posted opening times since it was so empty.  Places pretty much opened late and closed early.

Lastly, I can't believe how clear the Black Sea is.  Wow.  Now, it's not blue like the Caribbean or anything like that but man is it clear.  You can be standing there at pretty much any depth and still clearly see your feet.  Growing up only ever going to east coast USA beaches, I guess I almost always assume that the water is going to be brown and cloudy like it is there.  Here is a picture of me standing in the Black Sea:
That's about it for Bulgaria.  Next on the list is Milan and Venice in November.

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