Thursday, August 23, 2012


A few months ago I was asked what I thought about looking into performance at work.  I thought it sounded cool and got invited to go to OPNETWORK2012 presented by OPNET.  The conference was in Washington D.C. and I really enjoyed it.  This was not your average conference where you sit and listen to things all day long.  No, here you got to pick classes to go to where everyone got computers to use.  At the class, you learned different things and got to do labs using the real software to test out what was shown to you.  There are a lot of things that I hope to use now that I know they are available to me.  I'm also looking forward to trying some new things at work as well.

The craziest part about this thing was it was totally free (except transportation and hotel).  It was well worth it I thought.  The only bad thing was the food was pretty gross and almost the same every day.  Me and some other guys from PPG just went out to eat most of the time instead and had some really great food.  I had the best tapas I ever had the one night.  Such a good meal.  Then at night, OPNET hosted drinks on the rooftop of our hotel with a view of the Washington monument.

Friday my parents came to see me and I got to spend the afternoon with them since there were no more classes.  That was nice.  We walked around to do some sight seeing.  Above is the WWII memorial.  It looks cool in the picture, but you really should see it in person!  Later we met my Aunt who works only a few blocks away from my hotel in the FBI building for some yogurt.

After that went back to the hotel and just relaxed for a while.  The next day was my first day on an Amtrak train.  More to come on that next time.

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