Thursday, August 9, 2012


I would have to say that Gent is now the coolest city in Belgium.  I like it better than Antwerp, just look:

What a cool place!  The trip started out on not such a good note though.  I made it to Rotterdam to transfer to Fyra (high speed train to Belgium) but it was over an hour late and the train was then absolutely packed!  That part sucked, but once I got to Antwerp and transferred there to a Belgian train the rest of the way to Gent (Ghent in English by the way) I had no problems.

I got out in Gent St. Pieters even though it was a bit further from my hotel, I wanted to see the place.  It was pretty nice as expected but under construction so I did not take many pictures.  From there I walked to my hotel.  Not too many interesting things of note there, but my hotel was really cool.  I stayed in an old nun's room at a monastery that is now a hotel.  It is called Monastarium PoortAckere.

Walking around the city after that, people probably thought I was crazy, I was turning in every direction and just saying wow, wow, wow.  Everything was so amazing, really!  I took so many pictures.  Had a beer along one of the main rivers and just explored the city.

For dinner I at at a place called Vier Tafels (four tables).  It was excellent!  I had smoked salmon with a wasabi cream sauce, then duck best with sweat chilli sauce veggies, and rice, and finally chocolate mousse.  Yum, I was happy.  After this I actually went back around taking pictures both at dusk and at night, that's how much I liked this place.

The next day I found a great little coffee place for breakfast.  It really reminded me of an American neighborhood coffee shop that really cares about quality and not just getting people through the line.  Very cool.  I walked around a bit more then decided to go but of course I got a box of chocolates first!  Instead going directly home instead of just switching trains in Antwerp, I got out and hung out in the city for a while.  Good idea, the cathedral in the middle of the city was playing a bunch of songs from it's bell tower outside.  I grabbed a seat at a nearby cafĂ©, got a Belgian beer, listened to the bells, and read my book, perfect.

All and all, was a good trip and am really glad I decided to go at the last minute even though no one else wanted to.  Here is a link to the pictures.

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