Monday, July 2, 2012

Walking through the Dunes

Today I got the chance to walk through the dunes in Zandvoort and Bloamendaal like I've been wanting to.  Nice!  I was going to go to the gym, then I looked at the weather, it was going to be a prefect evening and then rain the rest of the week.  I could not pass up the opportunity to do something a bit more exciting and outdoors than the gym....

Side note:
Sometimes I need to stop making sure I go to the gym all the time no matter what, I can miss out on good opportunities like I got to have tonight.  There are other ways to get exercises than just in the gym.  While this of course does not mean I am going to stop going (I still like to go) I am just going to start being more open to other opportunities for exercise when the weather permits.

I took the bus to Bloemendaal and just started walking .  I hit a couple of dead ends and also ended up in a bunch of campsites (wow, by the way, these campsites had there own grocery stores!)  but then I figured out the heading towards Zandvoort had the better places.  I made it onto a paved path and started going through the dunes.  Really cool.  So many wild flowers (great smells everywhere) and the were rabbits everywhere running around.  Then I came to a path that you can take with a sand walk that went all up and down through the dunes and with no one else (except for rabbits) around.  Really nice to just walk through there listening to your iPod and just taking in the sights.

Ended up exiting in Zandvoort somewhere in a residential area.  Was a bit lost for a while (but that is part of the fun of these excisions that I go on) but then I found my way back to the main part of the city and got a bus back home.

Nice way to spend the night.

By the way.  I've been home now for about an hour and the sun is still out! :-)

For pictures from tonight, be sure to see my Holland Album:

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