Monday, July 30, 2012

NS Day Card #2

Quick note, I got rid of the dynamic blog view, I wasn't really dig'n on that too much anymore.

Saturday I used my second all day train card.  As you can tell from the picture at the top, the weather was not all that great for picture taking so I did not take as many as normal, but still got a few okay shots.

I started the day out by going to Maastricht.  It is pretty much the southern most part of the country and sits right between Germany and Belgium.  The city itself was interesting to walk around.  I also got to see the coffee shops which are now famous for not being allowed to sell weed to people not living in Holland (the law is only in effect in the south right now.)  Let me tell you, this is such a bad idea!  Nowhere else in Holland have I ever been asked if I wanted to buy drugs (well maybe once or twice the whole time I lived here) except for in Maastricht.  Now that it is illegal there, you see shady looking people all over the place asking you if you wanna buy weed/drugs.  Not cool, I got approached and followed about 4-5 times.  Netherlands you just need to tell the European Union to shove it up there ass, this country's drug policy has been working since the 70's and there is no reason to change it just because the EU does not like it.  This does not mean I want to do drugs, I can still buy them if I want since I am a resident, but I would much rather not have shady drug dealers around, not cool.

Next I hopped back on the train and was planning on going to Nijmegen but when I got to where I needed to change at Roermond, I found out the train to Nijmegen was not an NS train and my card was only good for NS trains.  By the time I figured that out, my first train was already gone, so I walked around Roermond for a bit.  Not too shabby but nothing too exciting either.

Finally I went to see ''s-Hertogenbosch (or simply "Den Bosch") this city turned out to be a bit cooler that I expected.  I did not stay too long though I was tired of waling around and wanted to get to Amsterdam to go drink some beer with my Dutch meetup group buddies.

It was a good day but nowhere near as good as from a few weeks before.  I think it was because the sun was not out and I was not really 100% feeling it with the cloudy humid weather.

Here are pictures from my trip they are in the Holland album, newest at the top:

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