Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally Acknowledged

Okay, haven't had a Dutch post in a while so here we go...
Don't worry, it's a good one!

Wow, I had quite a surprise today at work.  As you may already know from previous entries, I use Dutch all the time at work, almost always in meetings with my boss, with venders, people around the office, phone calls, and email.  That in itself is something that I am proud of, but there has always been a few people that always refuse to speak Dutch to me.  It used to bother me a lot, but in the last few months, I really stopped caring, thinking, I speak in English too, so who cares?  One of these people was my boss's boss.

Last week we had a conference call and he asked me if Dutch would be okay, I said yes of course, but there ended up being someone else from England who joined the call so we had it in English.  He did make a comment though stating something like "o we can't fool Nick anymore, he's been here long enough know and knows Dutch."  I was thinking to myself "huh?" "then why don't you ever use it with me??"

Well today two Dutch people came in for a meeting with him and I.  There were no questions asked, my boss's boss just started in Dutch and did the whole thing that way.  Normally this would not be such a big deal to me anymore because it's something that I do often now except for the fact that it was coming from him.  I was thinking wow, finally!!  Then after the two other guys left he came in my room and continued in Dutch discussing the meeting with me.  I almost fell over...  I was happy though.

One person down, now only one more to convince at work, but I think he is starting to break, especially since I am kinda blatantly using English around him now.  Talk to everyone around him in Dutch then to him in English, two can play at this game!  haha

After him, and outside of work, there is one more person that I would at least like to acknowledge my efforts.  But for right now, I guess that's not so important.

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