Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Weekend to myself in Paris

Finally after going to Paris so many times for work and only getting to go around in the evenings, I took the whole weekend after working on Friday for myself.  I swear every time I am in that city I like it more and more, there is just something magical about it.

Being that I was there on my own time, I actually stayed right in the hart of Paris this time instead of Clichy as I normally do.  I would highly highly recommend Hôtel de la cité Rougemont if you're looking for somewhere basic, central, clean, and Parisian.  It was perfect, I was even surprised to have my own little balcony that was out on the skinny typical Parisian street.

So what did I do, I walked! and walked, and walked!  Wow, I saw a lot of the same things that I've scene before but in a way that helped me connect things to each other.  There were many times that I was just randomly walking around and all of a sudden I would know where I was.  Then I saw some other things as well that I haven't scene before, so that was nice as well.  My feet hurt so so bad at the end of the day but it was well worth it.  Here are all of my Paris pictures from this past weekend.

The next day I went to le château de Versailles which is another place I've been wanting to see.  I liked it, but there were way way way too many people there, OMG, terrible!  I got there at 8:20 or so (the place opened at 9) I wanted to make sure I had my ticket in time for the opening (I did not buy in advance because I did not know what day I wanted to go.  Well, the ticket office also did not open until exactly 9.  I was so pissed, I was first in line to buy a ticket, but the line to get in kept getting longer and longer.  By the time I had my ticket the line to get in was zigzagging at least 3 times and I would have had to have stood there for probably at least 1 1/2 hours.  I was not having that.  Luckily I overheard some people talking about a tour that you could take that would let you skip the line for an extra €7 (I had already paid €25).  Whatever, I took the tour, no way was I waiting in the line.  Turned out to be a good thing.  Got to actually go into a bunch of rooms that the other people could only look into.  Got some good pictures then went out to see the gardens they were huge.  The fountains were not on so I walked over to see the canal some of the grounds, and the other palaces.  It was impossible to see everything, there was just too much, I probably did more walking this day that I did in Paris the day before.  Finally 3:30 came and all the fountains were on until 5:00.  It took me just about that long to make it around to all of them...beautiful.  Finally at the end they ran the huge fountain for 10 minutes between 5:20 and 5:30, glad I waited to see it.  At that point, my feet hurt so bad, it literally felt like the skin was ready to rip in half at any minute.  Was time to go back.  Here are my pictures from the day.

At the RER station (RER is a commuter train in the Paris area) the line to get return tickets was out the door.  People were flipping out after having to wait in lines all day at Versailles.  I just laughed, used my prepaid ticket and went in front of the whole line.  There were so many people crammed into about the first 10 cars of the train, I just kept walking and walking, and then got in, I had a whole car to myself...stupid tourists!  :-)

After that, I had dinner in Paris, went back to my room and that was it!  I could not walk another step.  But no problem, I got to use that awesome little Parisian balcony of mine for some reading.

Great two days.  I love Paris.

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