Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time in the US

I know, I know, it's been a while, but I had lots to do in America and then as soon as I came back I got kinda sick for a day, but now I'm all caught up and back to the blog!

This was such a great vacation.  The thing that made it so good was the fact that I had so many different things to do this time.  I actually did not miss Holland (as much) this time!  The first week I took vacation and stayed with the rents.  The first full day of being home was Mother's Day, so of course as usual the whole fam did race for the cure.  It was good as usual, but even better for me because I was so proud of my dad!  He lost a bunch of weight (and is still loosing by the way) and had so much energy that he was ahead of us almost the whole time!  Keep up the good work dad, you look great!  Later that day I saw Meem and Uncle David, Aunt Chris, and Nate.  Tuesday I took mom's car and went to Squirrel Hill and Oakland for the day.  What a great day!  Most of the time I just wandered around to some of the places I used to go to all the time.  I stopped by my old apartment, had coffee at some great coffee shops, stopped into Faculty Records and saw Carol and Maria, and had lunch with Nicole.  Just seeing everything as it was (and even some new things) really made me feel like I was at home and it was a great feeling!  That night I had dinner with pap and even got to see Dave and Erin (and finally meet Cooper).

Wednesday mom and dad took the day off and we took bikes and went riding for a while along the trail that goes between Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.  For the very small part of the trail that I got to see, I liked it, and would love to bike the whole thing one day.  Thursday was great because I got to go to Kennywood!!  I met Dan and Sara there and later we met up with Jim.  It was great to be there.  There are a few things that we noticed that are slipping now that the place is under new management, but nothing too bad and hopefully it stays that way.  Friday mom and dad were off again and surprised me by going to Fallingwater!  The place was amazing and was everything that I expected it to be and more.  What a cool place that must have been to stay at.  Saturday we had a small bachelor party for Mike since I will not be able to be there for the bigger one later in the year.  We had a cook-out and went out for the night in the Southside.  It was a good night.  That night, I also stayed at Mike's new house in Moon Township.  It's a big place!  I'm glad that him and Lyndsey like it so much.

Sunday I headed Downtown for a week of work.  The week was pretty good.  I got to see a lot of my old colleagues and eat some good food.  We also got a lot of things taken care of too that can be difficult to do when you are not Downtown with everyone at the same time.  It was also great to see Kavin! :-)

Friday I flew down to Florida to see Shawn and Kara.  The first whole day of being there they had to work so I asked Sara P. to come hang out.  She was able to come and it was so good to see here!  I think it's been 3 years!  The picture to the left is from Siesta Key (apparently "America's best beach")  It was pretty nice.  Most of the time being in Florida I got to drink good micro brews (which is not so common here in Europe) and just hang out which was a great way to end an awesome trip.  Thanks Shawn and Kara for having me.

Finally I have to tell you about the funny old couple that I sat next to on the plane.  They were so nice and we talked almost the whole time.  They were Americans but also of Italian decent so I got all kind of stories after they found out I was as well.  I almost felt like they were my own grandparents.  I was helping them use the personal video system, keeping them company, and really just enjoying talking to them.  The poor old guy was having so much trouble getting out of the seats since the row in front of us was reclined.  He litterally had to walk over the seats just to get in and out, it was pretty funny.  Then the kept bringing me candy, cookies, and crackers from the galley!  haha :-)

So overall a great trip with beautiful weather almost the entire time!

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog today and am so glad that you had such a good time here in America! Sounds like you made some awesome memories. I can't believe the Coke machine at Wendy's wasn't one of the highlights. . . Ha-ha. Seriously, we loved that you were here and had a blast doing stuff with you! Miss you lots. XO MOM