Sunday, June 10, 2012

First (warm) Day at the Beach in Holland

Today I woke up and the sun was out!  It was really nice out.  I was supposed to go and meet Megan's friend in Amsterdam today but she ended up not coming.  Too bad, today would have been a great day to show her around.  So, I sat in my back yard for a while, read some, and had some lunch.  I kept thinking that I should go to the gym, but just did not feel like it today, then I came up with a good compromise, why not ride to the beach!  So I did, at first I thought it was going to be a bit too cold, but it wasn't at all.  I walked around a bit, walked to the top of the dunes (have to go back and explore this further another time) and then just sat and read and slept for a few hours, was great!  On the way home before I left, I stopped and got an ice cream, salted almond, really good.

Tomorrow, back to

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Anonymous said...

Nice day!
The salted almond carmel was my favorite part. I could almost taste it! Sounds like a great flavor.