Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Evening in Spaarnwoude

Two nights ago might have been the first real summer feeling day the whole year.  So I rode mt bike to Spaarnwoude which is a big recreation area not far from Haarlem.  I focused most of my time in the shaded green area towards the top.

On the way there I saw this interesting bridge:

The ride was good.  I got to see a lot of things that are pretty close to my house.  I thought I was in Spaarnwoude before (which I was) but I never realized how big it really was until that night.  The part I was in before was actually only a small piece.  It is kinda crazy because you actually go in and out of Spaarnwoude (at least the recreation part) a lot.  You will see signs welcoming you and saying goodbye every so often.  There was really a lot here, camping, fishing, horseback riding, biking, beaches, swimming, restaurants, and many other things.  This will definitely be worth checking out again the next time there happens to be a nice day.

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