Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Haarlem Kermis

So, tonight I went to the kermis (fair) in Haarlem with Novita.  In Haarlem there are always two kermissen (fairs) one in the Grote Markt right in the middle of the city and one in the north on Zaanenlaan.  I have always only ever been to the one in the Grote Markt witch is really cool because it literally is right in the middle of the city.  But tonight we went to try the one on Zaanenlaan which is a residential street in the Northern part of the city.  And wow. this one was way bigger!  The crazy thing is they literally build it right on a street full of houses.  So you look out your window and see rides, games, food, etc.  Kinda cool!  They had a full size Ferris Wheel and even a roller coaster!!

We road and bunch of ride and had some food and met Erik and Julia there as well.  The only bad part was, when we road Deca Dance shown above.  At first the ride was really slow and we were like, is this it?  Then it got faster and was fun for a while.  And we kept going and going and then it got faster and we kept going and going and going and going and... no lie probably for about 10 minutes!  Once we got off, that was enough riding for a while.   man...

It was a good night, I always have a good time at the kermis.

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Anonymous said...

Now you know how I felt when I rode the Parachute ride in Idlewild with you & Mike way back when. Remember how sick I got? Looks like a cool fair though. Glad you had fun! XO Mom