Monday, May 14, 2012

Nervous but not what "they" were thinking

Saturday morning I was getting ready to get on my plane to the US and sometimes they have people there to ask everyone additional questions when you are flying to the stupid.

So I'm talking to the woman there who is speaking very quietly while the people next to me are talking quite loud.  I'm answering all her questions then she's like ok wait a minute.  So I'm waiting and then some guy comes over and starts asking me the same questions.  Then after a while he is like are you nervous? Are you afraid of flying?  I'm like no...  Then I said, well I'm always a bit nervous when speaking in Dutch but otherwise no.  Then he's like o, I speak in English too.  So he asked me some more questions in English then sent me with some more people to get all of my stuff and myself hand screened in some back room.  I was like WTF, but honestly did not really care too much because all I had to do was wait anyway.

The funny part is that all the people that I was dealing with throughout this experience were telling me that I speak Dutch well...guess I just have to work on the nervous aspect of it because apparently I am a security threat otherwise! :-)

Anyway, of course everything checked out and made it to the plane with plenty of time.  One good thing did come out of it though.  The one guy was asking what was in my short pockets and I told him nothing, sunglasses were in there.  Cool!  I totally forgot to pack them but I guess they were packed anyway and now I know that I have them with me.

Goal for my next flight to America: Get thought the screening process without people being suspicious of me because I am nervous while speaking in Dutch!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Haarlem Kermis

So, tonight I went to the kermis (fair) in Haarlem with Novita.  In Haarlem there are always two kermissen (fairs) one in the Grote Markt right in the middle of the city and one in the north on Zaanenlaan.  I have always only ever been to the one in the Grote Markt witch is really cool because it literally is right in the middle of the city.  But tonight we went to try the one on Zaanenlaan which is a residential street in the Northern part of the city.  And wow. this one was way bigger!  The crazy thing is they literally build it right on a street full of houses.  So you look out your window and see rides, games, food, etc.  Kinda cool!  They had a full size Ferris Wheel and even a roller coaster!!

We road and bunch of ride and had some food and met Erik and Julia there as well.  The only bad part was, when we road Deca Dance shown above.  At first the ride was really slow and we were like, is this it?  Then it got faster and was fun for a while.  And we kept going and going and then it got faster and we kept going and going and going and going and... no lie probably for about 10 minutes!  Once we got off, that was enough riding for a while.   man...

It was a good night, I always have a good time at the kermis.