Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Fat? The Story of my New Bike

Ever since I turned 28, or maybe even a little bit before, I felt like I was getting fat!  Strange because only a month ago or so, I thought the totally opposite.  Anyway, it did not help that last night while I was riding home on my bike, I went over a speed bump and CRUNCH my seat broke right off into about 3 pieces.  Upon looking at it when I got home, the bolt just snapped right in half!  Maybe I was right about getting fat...  Time to really start watching again.  My mom sent me way too much Easter candy, I have absolutely no control when that stuff is in the house...this is why I never buy it myself.

But, at least this was a good excuse to finally get a Dutch bike.  My old bike while still a decent bike has some issues and it is certainly not as convenient and comfortable as a Dutch bike.  So today I went to Amsterdam to buy a bike that I saw there last month at Decathlon.  Well I got there and they did not have it!  I was so pissed.  It was the only decent bike I saw that was for a decent price...then I remembered that I also saw one online at V&D but they did not have it in Haarlem.  So before I got too upset I went over to the Amsterdam V&D.  It did not look like they even had bikes at all then, one the last floor, way in the back, there it was, my new bike!  I bought it and brought it home and an quite happy already.

So one down one to go, got my bike, now I just have to get not fat again...


Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. I know I tell you that all the time but I truly do. I really enjoy how you write.You are so funny . . . but you definitely aren't fat. Your're just human and like everyone else on this planet. We all have our little weaknesses. Yours being good candy. Sorry, but you inherited that from me. I am exactly like that. I have no control if it's around me. The difference between you and me is that you will never let yourself actually get fat because you're too health conscious which I think is wonderful! So lighten up on yourself a little. You had a little slip-but that's called living. How often do I send you candy in the mail? I'm glad it brought you a little enjoyment. I'm sure you'll have it all worked off in a week or so. And the bike seat had nothing to do with your weight. I would've loved to have seen your face when that happened. Now that would be priceless! XO MOM

Anonymous said...

You think you have weight problems now? Just you wait another 20 or so years. I heard recently that around age 50, you need to start eating 10% less food every year if you don't want to gain weight. Think about that the next time you have a chance to eat a good piece of candy. Enjoy yourself while you still can and not have to pay a penalty.

Uncle D.