Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is coming and I'm feeling overall good.

Here I am in my hotel room in France at night...with the window open!  It is such a great feeling to be able to do this! :-)  Spring is coming, the end of the cold cold weather for a change and finally time to sit outside and enjoy.

In addition I got to thinking about what exactly I did it does not seam like such a big deal, but if I think about where I've come from, I guess it really is.  Today:
  • I woke up in Haalem, The Netherlands and took a train to Amsterdam
  • From Amsterdam I casually waited in the first class lounge and then got on a high speed train headed south
  • The high speed train blazed through Holland, Belgium, and France until I arrived in Paris
    • While on the train I had a conversation in Dutch with some people sitting around me and answered the different attendants in Dutch or French (depending on how the greeted me)
  • I got off the train, grabbed a quick and headed directly to the RER (kinda in between a metro and a real train)
  • I took the RER to another station in Paris and from there got on a normal French train.
  • I ate my lunch while in the train and arrived in Clichy
  • I strolled into the datacenter, saw some people I knew who let me in, and began my day working in France.
I did all of this without even really thinking.  Just got up and did.  It's kind of amazing to me how automatic this has become.  Traveling through different countries, many different trains (the all work differently) and speaking different languages that would have all been so foreign to me not so long ago.  I just go on my way without hesitation or really even having to think about it.  Almost every step of this would have been foreign, but now I  And you know what?  I love it!

Tonight I was doing some grocery shopping in a French grocery store (I really don't need to be a tourist every time I am in Paris, I'm here enough) and got to thinking how lucky I am.  I wanted to supplement my pantry with some French items, so I just go to a grocery store in France, how many people can say they can so easily do such a thing?

I'm not at all trying to brag, but just reflect on how my life has really changed.  Sure I miss some of the things from Pittsburgh (that I don't think will ever change) but right now, I am really happy with the way I am living.

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Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing! Dad & I were just saying how truly versatile you are. Not too many people would be able to do what you are doing and with so much ease and comfort. You really deserve to be proud of what you did and who you've become. We are extremely proud of you. So glad to hear that you are so happy. I just wish you were closer. Love you. XO MOM