Monday, March 26, 2012

Second Day Off

Friday was just as nice as Saturday.  This time I went into Amsterdam for the day and had a list of things I wanted to do.  First I started out by picking up a bike and then heading to the Haarlemerstraat and browsing through the stores, then having a really nice sandwich at Tramezzino.  These were not your typical Dutch sandwiches, yum.

Then I went to go see the new Apple store and it also just happened to be the first day of the iPad 3 in Holland.  Both the store and the iPad were really cool.

Next I checked out the Amsterdam ArenA:
and stores around it.  I also had a really great Turkish pizza for lunch.

Finally and I think most importantly I discovered Westerpark thanks to Joyce's recommendation.  They were having a carnival there in a portion of the park.  But just the park in general was cool, especially the old gas company buildings that are now a part of the park and turned into things like shops, restaurants, and bars.  I also walked through the more natural parts of the park too.  Definitely a place I plan on going back to.

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