Friday, March 2, 2012

Copenhagen/Dyrup Day 1

I'm in Copenhagen, Denmark for a business trip to assist with the integration of Dyrup (a Danish company that PPG acquired.)  First of all being present in this country completes one of my 2012 goals, go to Scandinavia.  Didn't think I would make it here so quickly, but cool, I did.  Getting out of the plane in the airport, the first thing I noticed was, wow, a lot of these words look Dutch.  They are not exactly the same but I could easily figure out their meaning via context and similarity.  I quickly headed to the train and got out in Central station in Copenhagen.  My hotel is right around the corner in a great location.

Today I worked all day in Sølberg where Dyrup is located, it's not far at all from Copenhagen.  We were supposed to prepare switches that were going to arrive today to be installed on Sunday...they never arrived!  We tried to prepare as much as we could in advance and now are hoping to get things done Monday evening.  So...I get the whole weekend to myself!  Gotta figure out now what all I want to do.  One thing I am a bit disappointed that I don't get to see is Trivoli Gardens which is the oldest amusement park in the world and is literally located right in the center of Copenhagen.  No kidding, right outside the train station and around the corner from my hotel.  It does not open until April 12th :-(  But there are certain places around the perimeter that you can see in, and it really looks pretty cool.  Part of it is even lit up at night.

The picture above is from the main shopping street here, apparently the longest pedestrian street in Europe.  So far I tried a hot dog from one of the stands that are dotted throughout the city, it was pretty good, GRILLED and not boiled, with 3 or 4 sauces and a bunch of other toppings!  For dinner I ate at an Australian place called Reef n' Beef.  Was really pretty great.  Kangaroo carpaccio for a starter and crocodile for a main.  So good!  No sure at all what the weekend has in store, but I'll be doing some research tonight and heading out early tomorrow.

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