Thursday, March 8, 2012

Copenhagen (the rest)

So here is it, Copenhagen from up above.  Let me start by saying Copenhagen is a cool place.  The food is great (almost as good as Paris) and there is a lot to see and do.

Saturday I woke up and started off with a canal/harbor tour of the city on a tour boat.  The sun was out and it was a beautiful day so I even was able to sit outside on the boat.  The tour started at Nyhavn pictured here:

We went all around and I learned some interesting facts about the city.  It was also good because it showed me some things that come back to later while I was on foot and would have more time.  After the tour, I headed over to the National Museum which was a huge place and was even free!  I also had a nice brunch there.  Next I headed to the Marble Church the place was really nice inside but I just missed being able to climb to the top (note to self put on the list for tomorrow.)  Then I walked through the palace to the harbor and along the shore to get to The Little Mermaid one of Copenhagen's biggest tourist attractions, and I really have no idea why.  It's a little mermaid statue with tons of people trying to get their picture with it at the same time.  Next I walked over to the old fort shaped like a star, it was nice to walk around but by that time my feat were killing me.  I sat down on a bench for a while, took in some of the sites and continued on my way.

Next I came to a park with a cool old castle in the middle.  It was closed so one more thing for my list for the next day.  Finally I went back to the hotel for a nap!  Had dinner at a great place suggested by my Danish colleague called BrewPub.


Sunday I rented a bike!  No more really tired feet.  Luckily the Danish use bikes almost as much as the Dutch so this made it realy easy to get around.  First I stared out by trying to find a breakfast place recommended online...turns out it was not there anymore.  But good thing because then I ended up finding a GREAT indoor market.  Wow, this place reminded me a bit of the Strip District in Pittsburgh.  Such great things.  I had breakfast and vowed to go back for lunch.  Next I walked through a bunch of parks and arrived at the castle that I saw from Saturday.  Took a tour of it, and liked some of the cool old stuff that I saw.  Next I went back to the Marble Church and went up to the top.  I almost liked walking though all the ancient passageways to get to the roof as much as I did the view from the top (pictured above, first picture).  Then it was back to the market.  I had a really great double espresso and also an awesome lunch.

Next I biked over to Christiania which is a crazy hippieish place taken over from the city from people in the 1970's.  They make their own rules, have their own businesses, and even their own currency!  Technically they are not allowed to do some of the things that they do, like sell weed all over the place on a street rightly called "Pusher Street."  It was very interesting to walk through.  People living there basically build their own houses and there is a very hippie feel to the place.  From there, I went back researched a good place for dinner and ended up having my third really nice dinner.

Monday was back to work and we ended up getting a lot done.  After work Hans took me to another place for dinner.  It was good and was nice to have company for dinner that time.  Tuesday was more work, and finally back to the airport for my return to Holland.  One strange sounding thing to me was that that every time I was introduced to people, I was "Nick from Amsterdam" strange not being "Nick from Pittsburgh" anymore...

So all in all, I liked Copenhagen and that puts a big CHECK on my list for Scandinavia this year.  If you want to see the rest of my pics, just go here.

Old Stock Exchange (the spire is 4 dragon tails twisted together)

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing! Great photography on your part, Nick. I'm so glad that you put them in your blog. Kathy Kucera saw them on Facebook and was raving to me about them. The view from that church must have been spectacular. It looks like a very beautiful place. I'm glad you fufilled one of your goals. XO MOM