Sunday, February 12, 2012

Haarlem from the Ice!

Saturday I finally had some time to walk around my frozen city and explore.  It was cold but the sun was out so it was not really all that bad.  The picture above is Het Spaarne which is a RIVER in Haarlem.  Yes all the canals are frozen too, but this was just amazing to me.  I walked up and down and took a lot of pictures.  The ice was very slippery, I almost fell a bunch of times and once, almost lost my camera, good thing it was strapped to my wrist or else it would have been totally gone!

Walking around you see people skating (mostly) walking, walking their dogs, and even riding bikes on the frozen river.  It was really surreal.  There were even places with makeshift caf├ęs setup advertizing "Koek en Zopie" which is actually a term used only during ice-skating and people sell food and drink directly on the ice.  I'm not kidding, there were even tables and chairs!

Every once in a while I would pass a space on the river that the birds kept from freezing, it was crazy because there were so many of them in one place hanging out in the freezing water.  I think the most interesting part was getting to walk under old bridges and get to see a view that most people never see.  I did go on some canals as well, but the river I think was the best.

As always, to see all of my pictures from Saturday along with the rest of my Holland pictures, you can check out my Holland album on Picasa:
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