Sunday, February 12, 2012


Friday after my second try (first in December), I passed my CCNA exam.  It was nice to finally have my CCNA certification, but I really don't think that it was necessary or worth all of the trouble and time/money it took.  The test covers a wide variety of network topics including some that are out of date and some that are Cisco proprietary that only organizations will all Cisco equipment can use...

The test is also totally unrealistic, and does not reflect the way a person in real life works.  Although I can now do it, your expected to work out all math on a dry-erase board...WTF?  like people do not have a basic calculator always available on their computer not to mention subnet calculators being available pretty much everywhere.  Who is going to make major changes/additions to a network without first consulting a subnet calculator just to make sure?

Then the list of acronyms they have is just ridiculous.  Sometimes the questions just gives you a laundry list of acronyms to pick from...really?  Just spell out what your talking about not everyone wants to memorize every single one of you over 100 acronyms...  It's bull shit.

And then there is the fact that the test costs about €250 to take...are you serious?  It is a computer given test, this is almost 100% profit for Cisco.  I am not someone who is real big on having these sort of "trophies" I just like to learn what I need to know and or think is interesting and do my job.  There is no need to memorize trivial points and useless information like I am still in high school.  Cisco is just a money hungry corporation like any other, and to top it all off, the certification last for three years and then you have to pay again to take another test if you want to keep it up.  Maybe they should use some of that money they are making to better their user interface because to be frank, it sucks.  It breaks almost every user interface rule I learn while doing my master's degree and it disgusts me every time I use a Cisco device that they can get away with having such a shitty interface.  But that is an entirely different story (maybe even a future job opportunity????)  Ironically even with all that I said above, I think it would actually be cool to have a job a Cisco working on their user interface.  It would be a challenging project that a lot of people could benefit from.  Cisco does make some good hardware, but I think it is time that their UI catches up.

At any rate, I now have my certification so the managers at work can be happy.  Does this really change anything for me?  No.  I already know what I needed to know to do my job and have for some time now.  Basically I will now just get a card and certificate in the mail "certifying" that I can...big deal, if I know I can do it, that is enough for me.

Thanks for reading.

Nick Ferrara, CCNA

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What does CCNA stand for? Certified Cisco Network Analyst? Just a guess. I hear you may be back in May for work again. Hope we get to see you around Mother's Day.

Uncle Dave