Sunday, January 15, 2012


Wow Paris, it impresses me more and more every time I go there is just soooo much to see and do.  I think if I were to move anywhere else in Europe and I had the choice, Paris would be at the top of the list.  Everything there is just so amazing, the architecture, the amazing transportation, the stores, the food, list list just goes on.  I think every time I am there I find something bigger, better, and more interesting than the time before.  For example this time I walked into a store that was seven stories high, I was looking for the mens section which I thought the signs were saying was on the 5th floor, then I realized, no, there was no mens section because it actually had it's own building next door that was 5 stories high!  Geeze!

I also ate some amazing food as usual.  I honestly think it doesn't matter what restaurant you choose, it is always good.  I even had roast duck across the street from the train station and it was perfect!  The salmon tartar that I had was great.  I think if summertime had a taste, this would be it.  And of course I had foie gras as well.  Mmmmm.

One thing that I would of course have to work on is French!  It is a nice sounding language and I am kinda working on it in my spare time, but man, it is hard.  Especially since I live in Holland and there is not much opportunity to hear it all the time.  But I am going to keep at it, because you never know what the future might have in store.

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