Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking back at 2011

Looking back at 2011, I had a pretty full year.  I traveled a lot and learned (I think) a lot more about living in Holland.  The year started off with me still being very uncertain about me speaking Dutch and constantly worrying about it.  Thankfully over the course of the year, I've gradually became better with Dutch and am now at a much more comfortable point with it where I don't let every little thing bother me.  Dutch is now an every day skill that I use while I still of course try to perfect it in my free time.

I got to see a lot of places this year, such as various cities and towns in Holland,  Malta, Paris, Munich, Washington D.C., Prague, Antwerp, and some others I just can't think about right now.  I plan to continue my travels in 2012 and hopefully get to see more cool places.

One thing that I am not so happy about is the frequency (and sometime the quality) of my posts on this blog.  I hope that this year I will post more frequently.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot Julianova and San Mareno! Jesus Murphy Nick! Love Mom