Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alena's Leaving

Tonight I had dinner with a few friends, including Alena who is moving back to Germany tomorrow.  It really is sad because she was one of the first friends that I made here in Holland outside of work.  I remember meeting almost 2 years ago now at my first My Haarlem event.  Over the last two weeks we all hung out, had pancakes, went to the pub, and now tonight had dinner.

I just amazes me to think that I've been here in Holland long enough to have met someone, became friends, and they are now moving away already.  But, at least Germany is only right next door.  I will be visiting for sure because I want to finally make it to one of these German Christmas markets that I've heard so much about.  And hey, in the meantime, there is a My Haarlem event this weekend...I wil just have to recruit a new German person with a British accent to our group of friends :-)

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