Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost got arrested in France!

Last week I had to go to Paris for the day.  I took the Thalys (fast train between Amsterdam and Paris) as usual.  When I was at the train station, O thought "O. shit, I forgot my passport!"  I did not worry too much about it because they never check.

When I was on the train somewhere in France, the French police come in and say "Police! Identity Cards!"  I was like OH NO!!  So when they go to me I gave him my Dutch drivers license hoping he would just accept it, he was like no, ID card and I was like I forgot it.  He did not understand me and told me to wait.  He then checked the next guy's card and showed it to me "ID card."  Me: "I know, I forgot mine."  Then a couple other Frenchie cops came over, none of them spoke English of course.  I was starting to think, oh no...

Finally a Dutch cop came over and I was able to explain to him in Dutch what was going on and that I was not even staying overnight and that I would be coming back that same day.  He asked to see my return ticket, I showed him, and he explained the the Frenchies what was going on.  They did not look too happy but they accepted it.  Then the Dutch cop told me to make sure I don't forget next time.  Feeeewwwwhhh....

Then after they left, the Dutch guy sitting across the aisle was like "Um excuse me, your drivers license is not valid for ID outside of Holland"  I was like "...ya...I know..." and was thinking "WTF?  you just heard me having this discussion with the cop!"  He went on to tell me that he takes the train every week for the past 2 years and this was only the second time they checked IDs...Of course it is the day I forget mine!

O well, I made it there and back with no problems and did not end up in a French prison!  :-)

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Anonymous said...


That was funny to read but not so funny at the time it happened. You may have ended up in custody for days, and then have a fine to pay. You lucked out.

Uncle D.