Sunday, November 27, 2011


Prague was just as good as I expected it to be.  It was so cool and so old!  There were magnificent buildings everywhere and not just in the center of the city.  Wow, such great great architecture.

It all started out very very early in the morning last Saturday.  As I was walking to the bus to get to the airport, there were actually still people in the bars from the night before!  So yes, I was tired!  At the airport, I was in the plane and all ready to go when they made and announcement saying that hydraulic fluid was leaking and we would have to use another plane.  I was actually kinda glad because then at least I would not be in Prague so early anymore.

Once I made it there, I bought my public transport ticket and was off to the city.  Public transport in Prague is pretty good.  I bought one ticket that worked for three days (from about €10 or so) and it worked on all buses, trams, metros, and even the incline!  Luckily when I got to my hotel really early, they let me check in anyway.  My hotel was right in one of the main squares there.  After I got my stuff in my room, I headed out to explore.  I walked around the center, then crossed the Charles Bridge (built in the 13th century!) and headed up to the castle.  That was a lot of walking but well worth it for the view.  After coming back, I had dinner and was extremely tired from being up so early and then walking all day.  I went to bed early that night.

The next day I started out going up the incline to see a replica of the Eiffel Tower, it was okay, but nowhere near as nice as the one in Paris.  I walked back down and stumbled upon The Museum of Young Art.  I ended up deciding to go in and was really glad I did.  It was very interesting and was in an old palace.  After that I had coffee at one of Prague's famous old grand caf├ęs called Kavárna Obecní Dům.  The place was pretty nice and I had a nice relaxing snack.  That day I also had a traditional Czech meal of roast duck, potato dumplings, and red cabbage.  It was awesome.  The night, I went to go see some black light theater which apparently originated in Prague.  It was cool.  Everything was done in black lights and some people would wear all black clothing and carry things making it look like things were floating.  I saw "Rock Therapy"which was a show about The Beatles.

My last day, I walked around a bit more and saw the old train station which was cool and a modern building called "Dancing Houses" (translated to English):

Then I got a Thai massage.  It was nice but very different from the Swedish ones that most people are used to.  Check it out some time if you come across one.  I did some more walking around to see some sites and then ended by having an awesome dinner at a French restaurant.

All in all, I really liked Prague and was glad I decided to go.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost got arrested in France!

Last week I had to go to Paris for the day.  I took the Thalys (fast train between Amsterdam and Paris) as usual.  When I was at the train station, O thought "O. shit, I forgot my passport!"  I did not worry too much about it because they never check.

When I was on the train somewhere in France, the French police come in and say "Police! Identity Cards!"  I was like OH NO!!  So when they go to me I gave him my Dutch drivers license hoping he would just accept it, he was like no, ID card and I was like I forgot it.  He did not understand me and told me to wait.  He then checked the next guy's card and showed it to me "ID card."  Me: "I know, I forgot mine."  Then a couple other Frenchie cops came over, none of them spoke English of course.  I was starting to think, oh no...

Finally a Dutch cop came over and I was able to explain to him in Dutch what was going on and that I was not even staying overnight and that I would be coming back that same day.  He asked to see my return ticket, I showed him, and he explained the the Frenchies what was going on.  They did not look too happy but they accepted it.  Then the Dutch cop told me to make sure I don't forget next time.  Feeeewwwwhhh....

Then after they left, the Dutch guy sitting across the aisle was like "Um excuse me, your drivers license is not valid for ID outside of Holland"  I was like "...ya...I know..." and was thinking "WTF?  you just heard me having this discussion with the cop!"  He went on to tell me that he takes the train every week for the past 2 years and this was only the second time they checked IDs...Of course it is the day I forget mine!

O well, I made it there and back with no problems and did not end up in a French prison!  :-)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just do it, Don't wait

Last night I finally booked my trip to Prague.  I've been wanting to do this for a while now.  At first I was so set on finding other people to go with me, but no one either wanted to or was able, so then I thought, maybe I will wait.  But I continued to look around at flights.  Then I was not able to get the absolute lowest price anymore which I did not like, so I thought I would wait.  Then things started to get more expensive, so then I thought I would put it off or just go somewhere else.  But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much time I was wasting by trying to make everything perfect and turn out exactly the way I wanted it.  And by wasting all of that time I lost focus on the fact that I wanted to go to Prague, the details really should not matter (too much anyway.)  So last night, I got home from work and said to myself, "Nick, you want to go to Prague, so lets just do this."  I booked the ticket and I am going!
No I am not going with someone, and no I did not get the €99 price, but you know what, I got a decent price, and I am still going to have a good time even though it is by myself.

Moral of the story, don't wait around for other people, or wait for things to be perfect, otherwise you will be waiting around for a long time.  Live life to it's fullest, NOW!