Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paris ip-label Training

Finally I will complete writing about my month off.  The first week of October I was in Paris for training with a few guys from GO and Wouter.  We stayed in the La Défense section of Paris and that was my first time there.  Everything is very modern and does not feel like you are in Paris at all.  It was okay, but I much prefer the older sections of the city.

The training itself was a bit boring for me because it was very technical in an area that I was not at all familiar with.  But, the people that worked there were all very nice and brought us to so many good places to eat lunch.  They also took us to a dinner one night and WOW, I can't even describe to you how good it was.  I just love food in France.  We started with starters including foie gras with is really good, but you can't really think about how it is made...force feeding geese.  Read the link for more info.  The I had a dinner of a variety of duck and goose items which will sound gross to most people if I explain everything (so I wont) but this is typical French food and once you get past what everything is, it is really really good.  We were buy the way throughout the entire dinner drinking really good 10 year old red wine (the restaurant specialized in wine and traditional French food.)  Then we had coffee and three nice little mini deserts to go with it, and finally we had 40 year old cognac...probably the best I ever had.

Besides all the great food, I showed Shawn and Kara around a few nights before they left for Rome and I also hung out with my colleagues as well.

Nice trip, looking forward to going back next month for some more food! :-)

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