Friday, October 21, 2011


So after the fam left, I had a day or two to myself, then I was off to Munich to meet Shawn, Matt, and some of Matt's friends.  In one word, Oktoberfest was awesome!  I knew it would be cool, but it was way better than expected!  This is the world's largest festival, and I can see why.  The tents were huge and it's hard to call them tents, they are more like temporary building.  And, the rides, it is like an amusement park.  They literally build entire roller coasters just for Oktoberfest!

The first day we pretty much got right to drinking beer, early...  The tent we were in first had all old people and the waitresses looked like grandmas.  It was still fun, but the next tent was a little more our speed.  Being that we started really early and did not eat much, most of us were back at the hotel and passed out before 9 PM!!

The second day we made it a bit longer.  For the first part of the day, we walked around Munich.  It is a beautiful city, so much to see, and the weather was perfect.  We went back over to Oktoberfest later on and this time had a bunch of food first.  We ended up drinking 4 liters each of beer that night and then after all of that I road a carnival ride because they dared me to and said I could not do it with out throwing up.  Well I did it and did not throw up!  It was really fun the first 10 seconds, then I was really ready for it to be over.

The next day Shawn and I walked through Oktoberfest one last time to checkout anything we might have missed, then caught our plane back to Holland.  We hung out here for a few days, and then Kara came over to meet us.  I think they liked it here which is cool.  After that we were off to Paris, but that will come in a later post.

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