Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moord in een café

I wasn't really even going to write about this, but I happened to be reading through my blog tonight and came across this old post.  It was the day that I joined the library last August and signed out a bunch of children's books.  Well, as of last night, I am happy to say that I finished my first "grown ups" book (as pictured above.)  I read the whole book and only had to look up a few words.  I felt pretty accomplished when I closed the back cover last night.  I've really come a long way. :-)

Water Skiing

Today I went water skiing at Lido in Almere, the picture above is from their website because we did not have anyone there to take pictures of us.  It was fun but hard to get used to.

At Lido you do not go behind a boat but rather hold onto a cable that pulls you around the lake.  I messed it up my first 3 or 4 tries.  The one time I made it almost 1/2 way around and missed the one turn which really sucked because I had to swim the whole way back (maybe about 10-15 minutes.)

After that I finally made it the whole way around, that was a cool feeling.

This is not something that I would have thought about doing, but had a good time doing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

So Excited

I only have three more days of work left until I'm out of the office (five days short of) a month!

First my parents, my brother, and Lyndsie are coming to visit me!  We will be in Holland for a while, then visit some other family in Italy, come back to Holland, go to Belgium for the day, and still then come back to Holland for a while.

Two days after all of that I will meet Shawn & Matt in Munich for two days of Oktoberfest (the real deal!)  Then Shawn is coming back to Holland with me to hang out for a while.  Later in the week his girlfriend will meetup with us and shortly after we are all heading to Paris.

Paris is not really vacation time for me.  I am there to meetup with some co-workers from the US and Holland to take a training class for the week but will still no doubt have time for some fun at night.  Shawn and Kara will be there for about 1/2 the week with me until they head off to Rome (I unfortunately will not be joining them there.)

After that I am headed back to Holland with my Americans co-workers and even though I will be back to work, will be showing them around the city as well I am sure.

It's going to be a hectic month, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Umbrella!

Tonight I was at meetup at In de Wilde Man in Amsterdam.  When I went to leave it was raining and the girl that was working there told me if I would wait she would get me an umbrella.  I was like ok, sure!!  A couple minutes later she came back with a whole bunch of umbrellas and just gave me one for free!  This has to be the best customer service I ever received from a Dutch business.  Wow.  I felt bad though because not even 30 seconds after leaving it stopped raining.  O well I guess.  I will definitely go back now since all of the people that worked there were pretty cool and I like the beer selection.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

English or Dutch?

Interesting story happened last week at the data center.  My boss and I went there in order to meet with our account manager and the new guy who is responsible for our projects.  Our account manager comes into the room and starts talking in English (the other guy is late.)  So we talk about random things for a while, then he gets a call.  It is the other guy (who of course he is speaking in Dutch to.)  I was laughing at the things happening on the phone and replying to them in Dutch.  Then h switched back to English after getting off the phone, I was a bit annoyed, but ok.

Later the other guy comes in, say hello in Dutch and then proceed to give him a tour of our racks in the data center.  This little tour took about 1/2 hour.  It was for the most part all in Dutch except for a few comments our account manager made to me in English. (annoying)

Then we go back into the office and finally do introductions.  My boss introduces himself in Dutch as did I.  The new guy starts proceeding to introduce himself in Dutch when all of a sudden our account manager is like "wait, wait, Nick, do you understand this?"  I think I shot him a look like are you crazy?  We literally we just speaking in Dutch for 1/2 hour and now he asks me!!

Even though he asked the question in English, I responded in Dutch, "Ya, I understand it!  We do not have to speak in English, I know when Arjan [my boss's boss] is there he thinks I can't understand anything in Dutch so he always says 'OK lets do this in English for Nick' (this pisses me off so bad when he does this) but that is not necessary."  Then the account manager says in English, "okay, because Nick is not Dutch you know."

I'm sitting there like WTF? I'm sure this other guy knows I'm not Dutch and he is not making a big deal about it like you are.

Then finally, my boss jumps in and says (I think in Dutch, but can't remember now) "Ya, Nick and I pretty much have been speaking almost totally in Dutch for the last couple months, this should not be a problem."  Thank you Jeroen!  after that, finally our account manager stopped with all the English BS.

Now in the past this whole situation would have made me mad, but now, I think I'm pretty much over getting mad about things like this.  Was I annoyed? Yes, a little, but not a big deal like it used to be for me.  I actually thought it was a bit funny because of the great lengths this guy was going to try to speak English when, to everyone else in the room (at least from what I could tell,) did not think that it was necessary.

So that's it, just a random story that I thought was kinda funny.