Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rain, Cold, RAIN, COLD ----> Miserable!!

I hate to complain, but maaaannnn....  This summer sucks!  (weatherwsie)

Not only does it rain all the time, but it is freakin cold all the time.  A lot of days, I have to wear a jacket!  We are talking July and August here!!  I think I am seriously starting to get depressed about it...  Here we are in August and summer really has not even started for us yet.  I think about winter coming and I really did not get a chance to enjoy much nice weather yet.

Above is the view looking out my back door, it is this dark and gray at around 6 PM!  Every day, because of this rain and these clouds.

And yes, my back yard needs weeded, but it is raining every day so I can't.  And if by chance it is a nice day, I'm not going to wast the only nice one weeding!

I really hope the weather is at least 1/2 way decent for Saturday.  Matt and I are going wadlopen and I hear it is awesome.

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