Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Utrecht Pub Crawl!

This past weekend I was back in Utrecht and finally got to have the Utrecht pub crawl (without the two other official planners, but that is besides the point.)

We started off having to ride the NS bus to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station because there was no train traffic between Haarlem and Amsterdam Sloterdijk last weekend... I hate it when that happens.

Right after I stepped onto the bus, I noticed that the screen on my BlackBerry was broken after I just used it two minutes before!  I could not believe it, this was the second phone that broke on me in a week!  (My iPhone is currently getting repaired because it totally "bricked" when I tried to instal iOS 5 beta 2)  So I was out a phone the whole time we were there.

It ended up being Leo, Novita, Sammy, and I going.  We got to the city, checked in to our hostel and were out on the streets around 6.  We started having a few drinks outside at cafes and even tried some beer brewed right in the centrum of Utrecht.  Then it was time to eat.  We found a pretty decent French restaurant that had a three course meal for about 20 Euros.  It was a good price and tasted pretty nice too.

For the rest of the night we just walked around and tried to find good bars to go to.  It ended up being a bit harder to find a lot of bars which surprised us a bit, but it was okay.  The Winkel van Sinkel was having an 80s and 90s party that would have been fun to go to but we had to be back at our hostel by 3 so that was not going to work.  We went to a couple more bars, got Turkish pizzas, then went back and slept.

The next day was shopping Sunday so we did a bit of shopping and then headed back home.  Was a nice time, but maybe a bit too short.

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