Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just got back from Malta this past weekend.  I went with Kris and Erik for a week to explore the islands and get our advanced diving certificate.  For those who don't know, Malta is a very small country built up of three islands in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Libya.

The first day we went to this small beach (pictured above) to hang out for the day.  It was pretty nice and very warm.

Diving was good.  I did not see nearly as many fish as I thought I was going to see, but that is okay.  I did get to do some other cool things like dive through a sunken WWII destroyer, go through underwater caves and caverns, as well as dive then the water was very ruff, it looked like the whole ocean floor was moving from time to time.  While the dive experiences were good, I don't feel like there was much teaching that was done like there was at the place I went last year, but somehow at the end we all got our certifications.

Going out was alright.  The drinks were incredibly cheap.  Really, there was no one there our age.  Most people who where at the bars were between the ages of 14-17.  Apparently a lot of people send their kids to Malta to learn English (even though I thought they all spoke pretty okay English.)  The Maltese language was pretty interesting to hear.  It is a mix of Italian, English, and Arabic.

The last day that we were there, we took a ferry to the island of Gozo.  There we were able to get a taxi to take us around the whole island to see different things.  The driver waited for us everywhere we went and it only cost 40 euros between the three of us.  The picture above is from us at the oldest standing structure in the world.  We got to also see some nice beaches, caves, and old cities/forts.

In the end it was a quick trip, but I had a good time especially because I got some time to hang out with Kris and Erik which never really happens anymore.

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Anonymous said...

The beach was not how I was imagining. Looks kind of plain. . .
I'm glad you had a good time and got to get away with your friends for a little while. Miss you lots.
XO Mom