Monday, July 11, 2011

Delft and Leiden

Today I had the day off since I worked over the weekend in Paris so I thought since it was a nice day it was a good opportunity to go see more of Holland so I went to Delft and Leiden.

Both were pretty cool and very picturesque.  I ended up liking Leiden better.  There I also had a really good lunch from a hip little sandwich place.  As usual, I updated my Holland Sites album with more pictures.
Holland Sites


Anonymous said...

Great photos Nacky . . . You're getting to be a pretty good photographer! So nice to have a beach close by. XO MOM

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Holland is beautiful.

In some of the canal shots, I noticed there are no curbs, guard rails, or other safety features. A few of the cars are parked extremely close to the edge of the canal. How do these drivers keep from falling into the canal when they step out of their cars?

Aunt Chris