Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's not all fun and games

A couple of things have been on my mind lately.  So, why not talk about them here.

First of all, I haven't talked about Dutch on here for a while, so I thought I'd give an update.  I had my test from my class on Monday and Wednesday this past week.  I did not think it was too bad, and my teacher then asked me if I wanted to go to B1 or B2 in September.  (I am in A2 now and B1 would be the next class in order.)  Since I thought that A2 was pretty easy, I told him that I wanted to try B2.  He checked my scores and I was okay in reading, but was 1 point under the cutoff in both writing and listening. He said that he thought it would be okay anyway so he is going to recommend me to go to B2.  That was cool news but at the same time, I wish that I actually made the cutoff myself.
Secondly, I am starting to feel a bit more confident in using Dutch and people are starting to notice that I can use it which is exciting, but at the same time frustrating.  There is still so much farther to go.  Everyone tells me that I am learning fast, but in my mind I feel like I will never be comfortable with myself.  I want to be to the point where I can be comfortable with myself in all situations and not have to plan things out in my head or be nervous in any way.
Overall I can see that it is coming along, and I am happy about that but I really could use some motivation and direction in this area.

So far, this summer is not really turning out to be like last summer.  Last summer there was non-stop fun every day.  The whole time was planned with things to do or if there was no plans, impromptu nights out and crazy times that were not expected.  This year is different.  I've had some good times, don't get me wrong, but they are further spaced out.  Last year I had only a few days where I had nothing going on and this year the number is rising.  I know it's on me to make the best out of things, but all of a sudden I feel like I've lost two of my best friends here.  It's kinda been bumming me out and I guess I just need to look past this and make the best of things.  I still have a separate group of friends here that I can always count on for a good time.  And who knows, maybe this is a good opportunity to meet some new people as well.

Work is going okay.  It has been really slow so far this year, but I'm looking forward to things this month.  There is going to be a lot of activity in the European data centers and I will be involved with it all.  I really wish my work could be a bit more spread out, ether I have a ton of stuff to do all at once or I have nothing to do at all.  For me, I like to be busy all the time.  At least I know that for the next month (and probably a little beyond) I will be very busy, and that is a good thing.  I don't like sitting around at work and I don't like sitting around at home, I am always happy when I have something to do and something going on.

Other than this, not much new going on.  Hope to have some more exciting news soon.

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