Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zaanse Schans

Today we went to Zaanse Schans which is a traditional Dutch village that has windmills, little shops, and clog making.

The coolest part was going in the paint windmill, you got to climb up all through it and see how it worked.  It was amazing to me that the whole thing was mad out of wood!  No metal at all, wooden beams, gears, and everything.  Sometimes it would really start turning fast and the whole building would move if the wind picked up enough.

We also got to see clogs getting made.  It was pretty cool to see.  The machine that they used was an old German machine that works on the same concept of how a key is copied.  With these machines, you can actually make a clog in 5 minutes.

We also saw and tasted some cheese, went in a bunch of gift shops, and played with some old Dutch toys.

It was also pretty amazing how many Japanese people were there of course with their cameras the whole time!  :-)

There were some other things to see like the first Albert Heijn, but we were not there in time to do that.  We had dinner at a pancake place.  It was okay but nowhere near as good as the Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

You look pretty cute in that clog!
Sounds like you had a pretty fun day . . . I'm getting excited to come for a visit;)XO MOM

zaanstreek said...

You had to sit in the clog? hahaha
zaanse schans is pretty