Sunday, May 1, 2011

Koninginnenacht and Koninginnedag

Queen's Night and Queen's Day were fun this year even though I did not feel like going to Amsterdam.  For Queen's night, Novita made an awesome Asian dinner and Alena made a Russian cheesecake.  After eating too much and being really tired, we took some shots and went bar hopping.  Fun as usual.

On Queen's Day, I woke up and went looking around the vrijmarkt for stuff to buy.  I ended up getting shoes, chocolate, and underwear all at really good prices:



I also of course bought a bunch of food all over the place then took a break for a while.  Later on I met up with Novita and we went to a bunch of different concerts and walked pretty much all over Haarlem.  Then we met Alena, had some beer and sat in the grass by a canal.  Finally we had dinner at a pretty decent pizza place that did not coast all that much.  Will have to go back.
To end the night, Novita and I went to the carnival in the Grote Markt.  We road the Dancing Monster which turned out to be a really good ride:

Then we met Leo and his friend, road the bumper cars, had one more drink, and called it a day.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really good time. . .
I liked your purchases. XO Mom