Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flowers in Holland

Today I went with Alena and Sammy to bike through all the tulips.  It is really not all that far from Haarlem in Hillegom.  We went by bike of course.  It was really amazing to see, there were just flowers everywhere and then you went a little bit further and saw even more.  Flowers in all colors and the smell was also really nice.

Here is just a sample of the range of flowers that there were, of course there is a windmill in the background!  After we got tired of biking through the flowers, we stopped and had some beers and then continued on.  Later we came across this little village called De Zilk.  They were having a street festival so we stopped had some beer with cotton candy and listened to some people sing.  After that back on the bikes and we made it back into Haarlem just in time for... more flowers!  It was the end of the flower parade and I was able to get a few pictures of some of the floats.

Here is one of the floats that we saw.  After this, we went to the Botermarkt to drink some more beer, but it was too crowded so we decided to go to StadStrand de Oerkap.  I see this all the time on the train and always wanted to go last summer.  It is a little makeshift beach along the river in Haarlem where you can sit in the sand, drink beer, watch the water and the trains, and just relax.  I think this might be a great place to go after work in the summer.  I will have to organize something later.

I ended up taking a lot of pictures so if you want to check them out, I created an album on Picasa.  Check them out here:

Flowers in Holland


Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures! I love all the colorful parade floats and the beautiful flowers. You should try entering some of them into photo contests. I'd recommend the close-up of the two red flowers and the one with the shack amid rows of purple flowers. Those two shots were particularly impressive.

Aunt Chris

Play angry Birds said...

Beautiful place for visit amsterdam ..Keep posting more snaps..Thanks