Sunday, March 27, 2011


Did you know that "Daylight Savings Time' is a term only used in the US?  I just found that out.  Most other places use "Summer Time," or here in Holland "zomertijd."  Anyway, last night we moved the clocks ahead and today was the first day of summer time.  It was a beautiful day!  Above is my street and it looked so nice out that I thought I would take a walk to enjoy the weather.

Everywhere you look, there are flowers just growing everywhere.  Take this picture fro example, this is just some random patch of grass by the railroad tracks, yet it is filled with flowers.  It's pretty cool how they just come up everywhere almost like weeds.
Some flowers have already come and gone at this point believe it or not.  For example I had a picture on this blog earlier with  purple and white flowers along the canal, those are already gone.
Then, there are others that are just getting ready to bloom, check out this patch of daffodils that is just about to bloom.  Basically I walked all around just enjoying the sun.  I even discovered that some stores are open on Sundays other than the first Sunday of the month!  I was happy to learn that.  Not all of the stores were open, but I would say there were somewhere between 40% and 50% of them open for business.  So I walked in a couple of stores but did not buy anything except for some Flemish Fries with mayo and sambal sauce.  Lekker!

It was also nice to see the tables out again on the Grote Markt.  They were of course packed with people eating sandwiches, drinking coffee, wine, or beer, and just watching people go by.

When I got home it was still too nice to stay inside so I read a couple chapters of a book that I am reading outside.  I am reading "De Gouden Sleutel" Het verhaal van een heel kleine reus.  It is my first Dutch book that I am reading that is not a children's picture book, and so far it is going good.  It has about 120 pages of text and is for older kids.  And even though it is a kids book, I am actually enjoying the story!  Haha.

It stayed light today until about 8:20!  So cool, I can't wait until it lasts till 10:45ish around the end of June.  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics and the mini tour. Spring should be beautiful there once all the flowers are in full bloom. Enjoy it!I'm jealous, it's 20 degrees here...XO Mom