Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Second set of Visitors!

I had here for the last week my second set of visitors since I moved to Holland.  Megan, Justin, and Shawn came to visit.  We certainly had one jam-packed week!  They arrived last Friday.  The first day they were here we hung out in Haarlem.  We walked around the stores and I finally made it into the Grote Kerk!  It was pretty cool inside.  The church was built in the 1400s and the organ behind me was played by Mozart!  The whole floor of the church is a bunch of old graves from the 1700s.  The women that worked there were upset with me for it being my first time but happy that I was learning Dutch.  They said something about my accent being good when I got my ticket and I thought they were kidding with me, but they swear that they were not.  Was kinda a nice feeling when the one was trying to explain something to Justin but her English was not that great so she just started explaining to me in Dutch about the graves in the church and the tours you can take...I understood her.
That night, Justin, Shawn, and I had a few drinks and went to the Haarlem Red Light District.  I saw the hottest (and nicest) prostitute I ever saw!  She was very attractive and she was actually talking to us through the window.

Saturday I took them to Amsterdam and I took my first canal boat cruise.  It was nice but nothing all that great; they seamed to like it a lot so that is good.  The rest of the day was spent shopping and walking around.
Saturday night I took them out in Haarlem with Kris and Erik.  Was a great time as usual and then we introduced them to at first bite of course!

Sunday we went to the beach and somehow I lost my camera!  I am so pissed!  After the beach We went to Sumo for all you can eat Sushi, they liked this as well.

Monday we were back in Amsterdam.  I brought my bike on the train and they rented some.  They went to Anne Frank and while they were there, I went to a market I've been wanting to see, it was not at all what I was was really big but not that great at all.  They like Anne Frank so that is good at least.  Next we had Dutch pancakes, they loved those.  Megan does not even like pancakes and she was crazy about them.  After that we went to Heineken Experience.  Still like this one.
That night I went to Dutch class while they were getting ready for Paris the next day.  Tuesday and Wednesday I worked while they were in Paris.

Thursday we went to Köln (or Cologne in English) Germany.  This was my first time in Germany.  We got there and checked out Dom which it the big old church right by the train station.  It was pretty impressive.  After that, we waled around the shops then had lunch at some German brewery.  I had a cold German Sausage salad (pictured to the left.)  It was actually really good, never ate anything like this before.  After that we ended up going to this chocolate museum, it was cool and not something I would have expected to go to.  After walking around a bit more, we stopped to have some beers at this one bar.  The cool thing about drinking beer in Köln is that they keep giving you new beers until you put your coaster on top of your glass to signify that you are done drinking!  We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  I warned everyone that it would not be the Mexican that they know and love in the US, but we went anyway.  Megan, Justin, and I got quesadillas and they ended up being this rollup thing that in no way resembled a quesadilla.  O well, at least the taste was decent.  We did a bit more shopping and finally caught the train back home.

Friday we were back in Amsterdam.  We went to the Van Gogh Museum (it was my first time) and it was really cool.  I really do like his style of painting.  After a quick trip through the Red Light District, we came back to Haarlem and pretty much hung out for the rest of the night because the next day they were returning to the United States.

I was glad they came and had a good time with them.  It also provided a nice (and much needed) break from work.  So thanks for coming guys, and I hope to have some more visitors soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a great time. Now I'm getting even more excited to go over there for our visit. BTW you're lookin' pretty good in those pictures, Nick! Whatever you're doing, keep it up. Miss you lots! XO Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, you need to remove your hat when you're inside a Kurk!

BTW, i agree with your mom.

your uncle.