Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love Livemocha!

I signed up for Livemocha a couple weeks ago and have been hooked for a long time.  Livemocha is an online community where you not only learn a language, but you help people learn the languages that you already know.  Here is how it works:
  • First, you get a lesson about something in the language that you want to learn.
  • Next you get a quiz on the things you just learned.
  • Now is when the cool part comes...You are given a task that you have to write about from what you just learned.  Usually the tasks are really simple, but I try to make them harder so I can get some good feedback.
    • You submit this task and then it is send to native Dutch (or whatever language you are learning) speakers to correct for you.
  • Next pops up a box where you correct someone who is learning English (or whatever language you speak)
  • After that, you are given a paragraph to read out loud and then that (which is recorded into the computer) is sent to a native person of that language.
  • Finally, you get one more thing to correct in your own language.
  • Then the process starts again with the next lesson.
I love it!  People on here are genuinely really nice and want to help you.  I've met a lot of people who have taken a lot of time to help is unbelievable how much time they will take to help a stranger.  I even like checking the English ones and spend some time helping these people as well.

Some examples of how people have helped me are:
  • Correcting my grammar/spelling
    • I can use someone for that in English too, but I'm sure you already know that if you read this blog...
  • Recording audio to help me to get the sounds right or recording audio on an all text exercise just to show me what if should sound like.
  • I've had multiple people send me messages saying they would be willing to help me as well, just ask.
  • And just tonight I had a someone who teaches Dutch IM me and we typed in Dutch for a while.  He even offered to help me on Skype and have an actual conversation.
If anyone else out there is trying to learn a language, I would highly recommend this site.  It is just...awesome!

I should say though that the lessons themselves are pretty simple.  I get the most value from the interaction with the people on the site.  I apply the things I already know to the lessons, then get corrected, and learn a lot from the corrections.

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Sounds great Nick.