Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My First Trip Home!

I finally made it back the the US for a visit with some friends and family and it was really nice.  It was crazy being back.  When I was flying over Downtown Pittsburgh I just a huge smile on my face and just could not wait to land.  My dad picked me up at the airport and I was so excited to see him.  On our way home, it was strange, as we were driving I looked at him and said I felt like I never left, everything just looked so familiar.  When we got home, I gave my mom a big hug.  She made dinner that night and it was good to have some of her food again.  Not much else happened after that, I was dead tired.

The first two days I was working in GO but I did not mind.  It was really good to see all of the old people that I used to work with.  We went out for GOOD coffee and Mexican both days.

My first weekend home, some of my friends and I got a hotel room in the city and stayed there the whole weekend just hanging out and going out.  We went out in Oakland the first night and Southside the second night.  I was so happy to eat some Mad Mex!!

The rest of the time I home I spent mostly visiting with family and friends.  The one night my parents took my brother and I to a Pen's game, that is us above.  And the next night, Mike took me to a Steeler's game.  I thought I was going to hate it at first because it was so cold (and it was COLD) but I ended up enjoying the time with him, it was fun.

Christmas was good, I got a kindle!  I didn't even ask for one, but it was a nice surprise, I can't believe how real the text looks...WOW!

All and all it was a good trip home.  I may be back again already in February for a business trip.  Hopefully I get lots of visitors this year in Holland.

Thanks everyone for making my trip home really awesome.  I really missed you all.

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed having you home. It was wonderful!Thank you for making a Christmas wish come true. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon-hopefully in February.We're already planning our trip to come see you in the Spring. Start stocking up on ice LOL I miss you and I love you...XO MOM