Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in Holland

First of all, sorry I haven't written in a while.  I guess I just haven't felt like blogging lately.  I've been back in NL for about two weeks now, and I was actually glad to be back.  I really feel at home here now (sorry mom.)  This is not to say that I am going to live here forever, who knows what the future holds for me, I'm just saying that I am happy right here, right now.  Things are really starting to fall into place for me here now.  I already have more friends here that I did in Pittsburgh (a lot of people moved away since college)  and there is always something going on.  I guess too I kinda like the challenge of living life in a place that is different from home.  The challenge is becoming easier and easier every day and that makes me so happy.

Now, this post would not be complete without a Dutch update, so here it is.  Dutch is...getting better...yes I said it, I can finally see that I am improving.  I hardly ever have to use English anymore when I am out shopping which is pretty cool.  I can even deal with some wrong numbers on the phone now (which I get often.)  Also, as more and more people at work start to realize that I really am trying to learn Dutch, they are becoming a lot more interested in me, which is cool.  Just today a co-worker (who I thought didn't like me at all) told me that he thought it was really cool I was learning Dutch and that I am probably better at this point in my learning than another co-worker was back when they first moved here.  That made me pretty happy hearing it from this person.  It felt like a real complement.

Another thing I found out was that I am allowed to take inburgeringscursus (integration classes) to help me learn things useful to know while living in Holland and...TEACH ME DUTCH!!  I was so happy to find this out but so mad at the same time because I've been asking about this and no one really knew.  I feel like I kinda wasted nine months on just trying to figure things out on my own.  I WILL be starting these classes soon for sure!  The best part is, if you pass an inburgeringsexamen (integration exam) the government pretty much pays for most of the money the classes cost!

That's about all for now.

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