Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paris, Not as Planned

What a crazy trip so far...

Right now I am in Paris laying in bed tired as hell.  Yesterday, my train arrived at the station a little late.  It was about 10 o'clock at night.  I got in line for a taxi around 10:15.  The line was really long and there was only about one cab coming every 15 minutes.  I ended up waiting 3 and a half hours to finally get a cab.  It was pretty terrible.  I was wearing my book bag the entire time because the ground was all wet.  Everyone was miserable and upset.  I finally ended up getting a cab and got to my hotel around 2:10.  My toes were so cold that they were literally blue!  As they started to warm up in the shower they hurt really bad and I could not put any weight on the front of my foot.  I was a little nervous about frostbite, but it ended up being okay after a little while longer.

Today I arrived at the datacenter and met up with Amir and Christophe.  We were waiting for our shipment to arrive but we only got one box, the most unimportant of the two.  All it had in it was a printer.  So we called DHL and it ends up that the box is stuck in Belgium somewhere and whould not be in France until at least tomorrow.

So I went back to Amir and Christophe's office in Rueil and got some things done there.  So that means I had to stay in France one more night.  I almost didn't go into Paris because I was tired but decided to at the last minute.  I walked on the Champs-elyées and saw it all decorated for Christmas, it was very beautiful.  They also had Le Village de Noël which was a bunch of stands setup selling things.  I ended up getting some mulled spiced wine and some sweats, all was really good.  After that and dinner I was really not feeling like walking around any longer so I came back to the hotel.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better at the DC.

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