Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The "Dutch Club"

I think my theory about Dutch people not really liking you unless you speak Dutch gets stronger and stronger every day.  This is not to say that Dutch people hate you if you don't speak Dutch, they don't, but they are also very passive towards you.

Today I was at the datacenter and one of the guys that works there walked into the room.  This guys has maybe said two words to me the whole time I've ever been there besides when he had to ask me a question regarding PPG's business there.  Well today was totally different, he walked right up to me with a big smile on his face looking like he genuinely wanted to talk to me!  I was thinking to myself, WTF?  He came right up and was like hey, who's it going?  Are you learning Dutch!?  I was like ya...how did you know?  He said that he read one of the emails I wrote in Dutch to the workers at the datacenter.  (I usually try to do emails in Dutch but I can't really think fast enough to talk in Dutch yet.)

I was like I ya, I am learning and explained to him why I don't speak it to him.  He was like o wow, that's great, you will get it soon.  And then he went on and on talking to me, asking me questions, telling me about himself...I was like wow, this is crazy, as soon as someone finds out that I am trying to learn Dutch, all of a sudden they want to talk to me.

It kinda is strange that it has to be that way, but at the same time, cool!  I thought those people didn't really like me there.  But now that they know I am a member, or at least trying to become a member of the "Dutch Club," they will gladly talk to me.

I think it is going to be an interesting next 6 moths.  I wonder if I will be a member by then, or even by April after I've been here a whole year.  I guess only time shale tell.

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