Monday, November 1, 2010

Hoi Hoi

So, what's been going on lately with me?  Nothing really too eventful this past week I guess.  It has been nice driving my own car to and from work, much better than the project van not to mention the feeling of independence it is giving me.

Yesterday I helped Kris with his house.  Did you know that they make a steamer machine to peel wallpaper off?  I really really wish that we rented one of those when I was a kid and we had to peel wallpaper off the hard way!  Also yesterday, I cleaned this place up for my American visitor who comes on Wednesday!

I am a little sad that I am going to miss the Dutch meetup group this week, but I will get over it because I'm sure Erin and I are going to be having some fun.  I'm still studying almost every night and am starting to see some improvement which is kinda nice.  I even got a complement from someone at work the other day witch was totally unexpected and nice to hear.  I'm still waiting for the moment where I can just jump right into conversations, but I think I am still a bit far away from that for now.  It is good that I (finally) realized myself that I am making some progress with Dutch.

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