Thursday, November 11, 2010

Erin's Vistit

I had my first visitor from America last week!  Erin came to visit me for a week.  I went to go pick her up at the airport last Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately I had to work from home that whole day but she got to catch up on some sleep then.  That night we had dinner with Wouter and his girlfriend at Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam.  The pancakes there are really good and big, you can get pretty much anything on them.  Here is one I had another time Erin and I went.  It has cheese, basil, pesto, tomatoes, and good.  After that Erin wanted to see the Red Light District.  She was a little disappointed that the girls don't really do anything in the windows besides talk on their cell phones and smoke!  haha.

Thursday we drove to Brussels for the day.  It was a nice city but we really didn't know what all to do so we ended up walking around and around.  Finally at the end of the day we found Manneken Pis.  It was a lot smaller than we expected.

Friday we spent the day shopping in Haarlem and then went out that night there as well with Kris and Erik.  Sophie met us out too after a while.  It ended up being a really fun night.  We haven't had a chance to go out like that in a long time, I am really glad everyone made it out.

Saturday we went to Amsterdam but the only problem was there was maintenance on the tracks between Haarlem and Amsterdam Sloterdijk for the whole weekend.  We had to take an NS-bus from Haarlem to Amsterdam Sloterdijk and then continue on the train to Amsterdam Centraal.  That really sucked, it took about an hour when normal time is only 15 minutes.  While there we went to House of Bols which was pretty interesting.  Then we had to hurry home since it was going to take an hour, get ready, then go back again on the bus/train to go out in Amsterdam than night.

Sunday Erin was tired of walking so we ended up going to Zandvoort for lunch and she picked up some shells on the beach.  I can't believe how many people were on the beach with their jackets!  Thought we would be some of the only people there...I was wrong.  After that we went to the movies in Haarlem.  Erin got to experience her first movie with Dutch subtitles and an intermission!  haha.  After that we just hung out, ate pizza, and watched the EMAs.

Monday we went back to Amsterdam and went to Anne Frank House.  It was interesting to be in the house we her and some others were hiding from the Nazis.  My new goal once my Dutch is better it to read her diary in it's original language, Dutch.  Next we went to Heineken Experience which was really cool.  There was a lot to see and do and probably ended up being my favorite thing that we did the whole time.  I would recommend seeing this one to other visitors to Amsterdam.  Finally, we had dinner at the Hard Rock CafĂ©.  I can't believe how American everything was there!  It was crazy, almost like stepping out of Holland for a couple hours.  The people that worked there did not even know how to speak Dutch!  Nothing was in Dutch, everything English, all the people there were speaking English, they had Ranch dressing on the menu, and there was a tip line on the credit card receipt!  haha  Now I guess I know where to go in case Holland ever starts to get me down and I am home sick.

Tuesday I dropped Erin off at the airport before going to work and they were stopping everyone driving to departing flights checking for illegal weapons.  We both had to get out of the car and be searched.  They looked in the car too but did not even open the truck or look in Erin's luggage...kinda pointless.  O well.

I had a good week and was glad that Erin could come and visit.  It was nice to see an old friend again.  Anyone else who wants to come, just give me a call and let me know.

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