Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kraków Polska

Long overdue post about the beautiful city of Kraków Poland.  The above picture is a view into the main square in the city from the window of our apartment!  This picture just the square no justice...

What an amazing city, I love the way it is so centrally setup around the square and how old and cool the buildings all are.  It was also very cool that everything was so cheep!  It was weird seeing prices being so high for everything but their currency is the złoty which to get to Euros you need to divide by about 4.

After arriving, Justyna showed around a bit and took us for some awesome perogies.  We went out to the bars for a bit, but I guess everyone was a bit tired so not for too long.

The next day we went to Auschwitz.  This was something that was not really all that high on my priority list, but it was really amazing seeing everything there.  The Germans really had it down to a systematic way of killing people back during World War II.  It was pretty amazing to see this place and see how terribly people had to live and see to what how terrible humans can be towards each other.  They saved everything, for example they still have piles hair hair that they shaved off of women's heads, piles of prosthetics, piles of glasses, etc.  We were even able to go into the very gas chambers where all of these unfortunate people were forced to die.  It was really sad.
That night Erik and I went out but nothing too major.

The next day, Erik and I went to a huge mall that they have there.  It was strange being in a mall.  It felt very much like being back in the US.  Later on in the day we met up with Kris and Justyna to go to Katowice to go have drinks with some people we know from the European helpdesk.  It was a very fun night.

The next day, Kris, Erik, and I went to the Jewish quarter in the city and saw the castle as well.  That night we went out to the bars.

Finally on Sunday Erik and I pretty much relaxed for the day.  The sun was actually out and relatively warm so we sat at a terrace on the square and took in all the culture.  Sunday night ended up unfortunately being and early night.

All and all, I really liked Poland.  It was a place that I never really had much desire to visit, but I am not glad that I did.  Kraków was just beautiful.  The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was that we did not get to have any crazy nights out like we were all talking about having while being there.  I guess we will just have to try to have some in Holland now. :)

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